"You are beautiful." - Anonymous

No, you are!

"I wish I could have treated you better and shared better moments together when I had the chance. I miss you're kindness." - Anonymous

Got the wrong person? I wouldn’t date someone who can’t differentiate “you’re” from “your”! Also, MY KINDNESS? Defs wrong person.

We are on an empty train so why can’t you sit somewhere else

"you're beautiful, inside and out. have an amazing day (:" - Anonymous

Thanks :)

"fuck everyone up around you cause you're not sure what you want why don't you." - Anonymous

hahaha yeah cause everything is always my fault and only mine, all the time, right?

"As a person, I feel guilty about abusing and using the kindness of the people and friends that cared for me. Does this make me a bitch for not caring about them? I feel disgusted about myself but I don't do anything about it." - Anonymous

You recognise that you have a problem (potentially) hurting the people around you and you choose to do nothing about it. That doesn’t make you a bitch, that makes you useless.

"Do you care about the people you took for granted or fuck them they're the past now?" - Anonymous

They took me for granted too so who cares, move on?

"you won’t survive in the real world"

someone said this to me a thousand times 

and it pissed me off because i thought

what part of my life isn’t real?

are you comparing my problems to your problems?

what part of my problems aren’t problems?

sorry i haven’t had to get my hands dirty

in illegal things

in tragic situations

sorry all these terrible things haven’t happened to me yet

to make you think i can’t “survive in the real world”

but what you really meant by that is

you’ve been through much worse things than me

so therefore you’re stronger / better / i don’t know

but you don’t feel what i feel

so how would you know? 

you don’t know what i’ve achieved

you don’t know what i will achieve

you don’t know what’s happening to me right now

in this very real world

and look

im surviving


"don't take this the wrong way, but i'm kinda glad the fact that you graduated from uni still hasn't cleared up that much for you NOT YOU PERSONALLY. But everybody told me i was crazy to drop out of uni after 2 weeks (LOL) but i did it for that exact reason. I am also kinda figuring shit out on the fly, but on my own, no uni so it's a struggle, it's just good to know the struggle exists both ways. Either way, just keep swimming :) we are all pretty much freestyling life." - bobsacamanoscousin

hahah.. yep. well i think that for some people, a degree is just an expensive piece of paper and to others, its valuable. otherwise, who cares - your life, your way. 

ALSO just a side edit: im not unhappy with where i am career-wise/life-wise at the moment. despite how others may view it, i love my job and being here is an amazing experience for me. and i wouldn’t be here without my degree, so there’s that too. lord help my social skills. 

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