Memories - that’s all we are and all we will ever be now.

"I mean nothing to you, so it wouldn't even matter if I talked to you. A lot of shit happens to you, and it's not fun watching you go through it all :(" - Anonymous

seriously reveal yourself!!! 

"I wish I could visit you whenever I miss you" - Anonymous

Come visit me then, I’m lonely here

I never really noticed, but yours is the only voice I can remember so clearly, like it was only yesterday.

"Your birthdays coming up! A lot of people love you just acknowledge that. You'll get a lot of gifts, maybe... hahaha" - Anonymous

Should disable this anon messaging shit 

"I worry and care about you, I hope you're okay. You shouldn't deserve to be suffering, I hope this makes you feel a slightedt bit better. I miss and love you, I just don't know how to show it to you anymore. :)" - Anonymous

Talk to me then. 

"My English is too good for a Neanderthal hybrid like yourself. Truth burns? die bitch :3" - Anonymous

Why so mad? Have a couple dicks up your ass lately? Glad to see you taking it like a pro these days :3

btw theres nothing wrong with my jaw, but maybe there’s something wrong with yours from all the bj

When I look around at how beautiful the world is, I can’t help but want to share it with you.

Oh god learn to speak English you fucking spastic bitch or type to me something comprehensible in Chinese that will at least make sense in google translate. Your “beloved” doesn’t even love you, go figure.

"Who do you miss the most in this world" - Anonymous

As bad as it sounds, my cat lol./